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Terms Of Service - Synthesis Counselling

Terms Of Service

The use of the webpage and of its services by any person who visits or uses the page assumes his unconditional acceptance of and consent to terms presented herein. These terms cover the total content of the webpage, including graphs, images, photographs and files. The visitor/user is obliged to carefully read the terms of service, and in case of disagreement, he is obliged not to use the webpage and its services. The visitor/user is obliged to check the content of the webpage on a regular basis, and its continuous use, even after the advent of changes in the content of the page, signifies his constant unconditional acceptance of the terms of service.


Intellectual Property

The content of the webpage in its totality, including texts, graphs, photographs, images, videos, sketches and services, is covered by the intellectual property rights of the owner of the webpage and is regulated by the pertinent national and international law. Logos, brand names and trademarks included in the webpage belong to it or to persons who are referred to as intellectual property rights holders and are protected according to intellectual and industrial property law. Works of third parties, covered by intellectual property rights, are included in the webpage in a well-meaning manner and may be removed, if the holders of rights so demand.


Use of material

Any use, reproduction, publication, copy, storage, sale, distribution, issue, execution, download, translation and modification, of any kind, in total, in part or in summary, of the content of the webpage and of its services is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of the owner of the webpage. The downloading and copying of parts of the content for strictly personal use and without the intention of commercial or any other use is allowed, although this does not mean that intellectual property rights are conceded. Therefore, these downloaded or copied parts cannot be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, published, downloaded or distributed in any way. Other goods or services that are mentioned in the webpage and are covered by logos of other institutions, companies, collaborators, bodies or publishing houses are covered by their intellectual and industrial property rights and fall within their remit of responsibility.


Disclaimer of Liability

The webpage makes every possible effort for its content, and the information presented to it to be accurate, true, full, up-to-date and available. However, we do not guarantee and we are not in any way responsible for any kind of damage that may be caused to the visitor/user of the webpage by its use. Content and services are offered “as they are”, without any guarantees (direct or indirect, expressed or latent), including guarantees of quality, suitability, compatibility, security and accuracy. We explicitly state that we deny all such guarantees. Simultaneously, we have no responsibility for the reparation of any damages that may occur (for instance incidental and consequential damages, material damages, loss of profit, loss of data, non pecuniary damages etc.) to visitors/users of our webpage or third parties due to the functioning or not of the webpage, the inability of using the services and information available through it etc. While, we put every possible effort on the proper functioning of the internet, we do not guarantee that the services of the webpage will be uninterrupted or free of error, of virus and of similar elements (this applies both to our webpage and to other webpages or servers, where our content is presented).