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Student career guidance - Synthesis Counselling

Student career guidance

Another period where young adults need to make life and career choices is after finishing university.

Where do they see themselves 10 years down the line? In the private sector? In the public sector? In large corporations? In small family firms? Being business owners? Working in service industries? Working in non-profit organisations? In what roles?

Will they enter the graduate job-market immediately or will they pursue further post-graduate studies? If they enter the job-market will they aim for graduate-schemes or will they look into local market in a small family business where they can make an impact immediately?

Alternatively what if they choose to pursue further academic study, will they aim for a research degree to pursue an academic career or will they move to a masters degree in a complementary field that will allow them to a wider range of careers down the line?

How will they gain work experience in their areas of interest?

Career counselling during this time, aims to support young adults in laying down their career path and life plan.

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